Caroline Wang's Art Gallery
Watercolor with Asian Flair

Caroline Wang is a watercolor artist and a retired NASA engineer and researcher. She grew up in Taiwan, and grew up again (culturally) in the United States. She has passions for art as well as science. Having a love for both disciplines, she studied art at the University of Minnesota and received a Master's degree in mathematics from the University of Wisconsin.

Caroline's signature style exemplifies diversity by combining both Asian and Western painting skills and cultural origins. The beauty of Asian painting is the simplicity of its design composition, and the cleverness of its brush strokes. The beauty of Western art comes from the freedom of design and the use of wide range of materials and tools. Her technical training in science and engineering inspires her to be innovative and creative in her paintings. Her original paintings have been on exhibition all throughout the Southeastern United States.

The most fulfilling aspect of her artwork comes from the opportunities it brings for her to share her experiences and her joy of art with others. Caroline has taught art classes for number of years, and has given inspirational speeches to non-profit organizations, and schools. Through her exhibitions and speeches, she hopes to encourage people to follow their passion, and explore their possibilities.

Caroline is also a designer with VIDA. A new kind of fashion ecommerce company and connects with artists around the world with producers to bring artists' work to life. Please see her painting and fashion collections by clicking on the links below.

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